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PayMyParents was created by parents after loaning money to our children – both as teenagers and as they grew into young adults.

We provide the world's best system for managing loans between family & friends, to help ensure loans are simple to manage, payments are made on time & we help remove the potential conflict that can arise when chasing loan repayments.

  • Manage loans of any size or for any reason
  • Legally binding loan contract provided
  • Completely free to join

PayMyParents is designed to help educate our children to live in today’s world and tomorrow’s world with a solid, educated knowledge base around managing their money.

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Why Choose PayMyParents?

PayMyParents gives the lender the best possible chance of being repaid on-time without conflict!

We all trust our children and want the best for them. But, the reality is, many children borrow money from their parents and because they are so familiar, the parents are the last ones to be repaid when money is a bit tight.

By using PayMyParents, the potential lender is more inclined to loan the money as our system provides all the tools required for the borrower to easily make their repayments.

Lend Money To Your Children

Using PayMyParents gives the parent the greatest chance of getting paid back on-time and in-full!

Borrow Money From Your Parents

As soon as both parties agree on the terms of the loan & sign the digital contract, your loan is instantly approved!

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Lend Or Borrow From Family/Friends

As the loan repayments are managed by us, there are no awkward conversations when repayments are due.

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Joining now grants you immediate, free, lifetime access to all our financial resources and services designed to help you create wealth, no matter how much you earn.

The only time a cost is incurred is if, or when, a loan is active, with the borrower paying normal transaction fees.


How It Works

PayMyParents is designed to help users easily manage their loans in a secure, online environment.

PayMyParents does NOT provide any funds for the loan, rather, the platform is designed to manage loans between any two parties, for any amount, for any reason!

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Sign Up

Both the lender and the borrower will need to sign up to PayMyParents

Create A Loan

This can be a new loan or an existing loan you want to bring over to our system

Sign Formal Agreement

Both parties digitally sign the formal loan agreement provided by PayMyParents or upload your own!

Set & Forget

Repayments are automatically transferred between user’s bank accounts via PayMyParents


Our customers are our biggest fans.

Using PayMyParents was very empowering, and I can happily say I have finished paying off my loan for my new Jeep in record time and my relationship with my parents is now way better.

They have even said, now I have proven myself, they are happy to loan me more money if I ever need it.

young female in front of jeep



A friend recommended PayMyParents to me, we decided to give it a try to help my kids have an understanding of working towards managing money. It has been a great experience and a great way for my young kids to understand the valuye of money and debts.



We absolutely love this idea!! Getting my kids to finally repay the money we lend them become so much easier and less arguments lol. PayMyParents has been a blessing.



It's an awesome and great service by PayMyParents. The customer service is amazing at answering questions quickly.



A huge thank-you to the PayMyParents guys. We found the whole system so easy and no fuss for our family financial matter.

Jack Thompson


We gave a large loan to our son, to assist him into the housing market and we were recommended PayMyParents to formalise it. Their system was easy to understand and gave us a huge amount of confidence - our whole family are at ease now and thank the PayMyParents Team for their professional approach to our situation.

Richard Jackson



Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with issues or questions that may arise throughout your journey with us.

No question is too big or too small, please don't hesitate to reach out!


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