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Complaints Policy


We have an Internal Dispute Resolution process . If you have a complaint about our services, please contact us. We aim to resolve the majority of complaints within five (5) business days. If we believe it may take longer to resolve your complaint or to investigate the matter thoroughly, we will let you know and keep you informed of progress.

You can make a complaint in writing (letter or email) or verbally (telephone or personal representation). Your complaint will be referred to our complaints officer for response.

Derreck Van Der Velde

Derreck Van Der Velde
Complaints Officer

Att: Derreck Vander Velde
ParentPayz PTY LTD
PO Box 422, Oxenford QLD 4210

All details are current as of May 20th 2020. We publish minor changes on our website and periodically will update our policies.